• Radio- Television- Studio & Regie- Energy

    Radio- Television- Studio & Regie- Energy

    Manufacturing- Consulting- Troubleshooting- Maintenance

  • FM & DAB broadcast- Studio & Radio-Report

    FM & DAB broadcast- Studio & Radio-Report

    B.Beam the professional partner of your Broadcast FM project

  • UHF VHF TV transmission DVB T MMDS Studio & Régie TV- Reportage TV

    UHF VHF TV transmission. DVBT. MMDS. Studio & Regie TV. TV report

    B.Beam the professional partner of your Broadcast TV project


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Entrust us your FM, TV projects.

Benefit from our years of experience in the terrain and our in-depth knowledge of different technologies constantly evolving. Working with B.Beam is the assurance of a project that succeeds and is sustainable over time with a single interlocutor.

We got the solution!

B.Beam Belgian manufacturer of broadcast equipment FM, TV, DAB, MMDS and DVBT. Turnkey studios and control rooms FM and TV .

FM radio pack, webradio and TV pack

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Belgian manufacturer

FM, TV, DAB, MMDS and DVBT broadcast equipment.

Turnkey realization of studios and FM and TV control rooms.

TV and radio report

FM radio and TV package

Radio vision

Web radio

Securing energy 220V AC


Quality standards 

Rigorous Belgian manufacture of excellent quality and high reliability.

The equipment meets CE SE and ETSI international standards.



Our structure provides on-site maintenance, repair of equipment in our labs, training training and has a high-frequency audio and video repair service.

Stock of spare parts for our fabrications available for 10 years.

Project technical consultancy

Consultancy, field study, coverage study, studio plans and installation, cabling and audio and HF connections, hardware installation, integration, computer network configurations, editing pylons and masts, beams, on-site commissioning and training are provided by our engineers.
Configuration, training of broadcast and radio production software and Tv.


B.Beam provides Global Professional Private Broadcast Networks in FM and TV.
Organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO, NATO, SFCG, USAID, CAMECO, RACOM (and many others) have trusted us for many years.

We entrust your project is:

Benefit from our technical expertise in the field and our in-depth knowledge of the various technologies in evolution.
B.Beam is the insurance of a technical project up to date at the best cost.

Entrust us your projects ... We have the solution!