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    How to create an FM radio?

    Make your free quote request step by step

    1. Choose the type of FM transmitter according to your region: 
    - If the electricity is unstable with regular power cuts and the climate is hot, we strongly recommend that you choose a  very robust tropicalized transmitter .

    - If the supply of electricity is stable , air conditioning on site with internet at sufficient speed we recommend our compact transmitter with LCD touch screen and remote control function.

    2. Define the coverage area  :

    -Pack FM radio from 10 to 200 km

    This zone will determine the power of your transmitter. 
    We offer complete FM packs: 
    30w - 100w - 500w - 1000w - 2000w ..and more on request.

    Each pack includes:
    FM transmitter, 4 broadcast antennas and digital broadcast studio.

    3. Choose Options:

    - FM broadcast option

    Ex: add the FM processor, the RDS, an IP beam connecting your studio to your site of emission, a pylon to place your antennas, etc ...

    - Studio option

    Add ON AIR indicators, rack, customize your furniture .... etc ....

    -Option reportage (digital reports MP3 or by GSM live and high quality)

    Quotation request:

    Your request is free and without obligation  

    Upon receipt of your quote basket (package and choice of options), a pro forma will be sent to you.

    The offer will match your turnkey custom project


    B.Beam will take care of the packing, the tax refund Europe, the sending of the insured goods all risks by plane or boat. 
    Transport provided by our authorized forwarders all over the world.


    You will be able to assemble your radio yourself with our installation manual.

    B.BEAM can also do the on-site editing and train your team to use your FM media professionally. Offer on request

    The technical service HF and audio is assured in our labs.  

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