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  • Web radio packs

    How to create an Internet radio station?

    Request a free quote step by step
    1. Register on our site to see the content of our packs:
    2. Add the webradio pack of your choice to your cart of quotes
    3. Then add the options to personalize your webradio:
    4. Once your options have been added to your quote basket, validate your basket.
    Your request is free and without obligation < br /> Upon receipt of your quote basket (pack and choice of options), a pro forma will be sent to you.
    The offer will correspond to your personalized turnkey project
    B.Beam will take care of the packaging, the control of tax refunds in Europe, the dispatch of goods insured against all risks by truck, plane or boat. (Offer on request)
    Transport provided by our approved forwarders everywhere in the world.
    You can assemble your rad io yourself thanks to our spotted assembly manual.

  • Web tv packs

    Comment créer votre Web TV pas à pas ? 

    1. Choisissez votre pack Web TV
    2. Sélectionnez votre équipement grâce au menu déroulant
    3. Cliquez sur "Ajouter au devis"
    4. Ensuite, ajoutez les options, situé en bas de page, pour personnaliser votre Web TV