Article 1 – General terms of sale acceptance

Unless a derogation written by ourselves, the terms and conditions of sale below are supposed to be unconditionally accepted by the buyer by the sole fact of its order.

Article 2 – Offers

Our offers are valid during a period of option specified in the special conditions. If no other time limit is fixed, our offers are without obligation on our part. Our offers are exclusive of taxes. Any changes to the plan or official tax rate contract will be supported by the buyer.

Article 3 – Quote

The technical and administrative costs of establishing the quote will be charged in case of non-execution of work.

Article 4 – Delivery deadlines

The indication of a delivery deadline is valid only for information purposes and does not engage the responsibility of the S.P.R.L. B.BEAM. A delay in the deadline may not result in cancellation of contract by the buyer, nor give him any right to price reduction or damages, interest or late payment fees, equipment is custom made. Only the non-delivery due to force majeure gives rise to one refund of the deposit to the exclusion of any compensation. Assembly time of masts and antennas can be modified or delayed depending on weather conditions. Only the fitter is a judge of the acceptable conditions according to the incurred risks.

Article 5 – Abandonment

Any device confided to the after-sales service will be considered as abandoned if it was not demanded in 6 months of its deposit.

Article 6 – Antennas, masts, towers

The customer is obliged to ensure its site as part of a comprehensive insurance policy (roof and mast) and at the conclusion of the installation convention, charge for him to provide proof at any time insurance coverage to the S.P.R.L. B.BEAM. The S.P.R.L. B.BEAM disclaims all liability for damages other than those occurring as a result of an accident during the assembly work.

Article 7 – Terminating a contract

Any resolution and / or termination of contract by the buyer provide (s) the S.P.R.L. B.BEAM the right to seek compensation for breach of contract equivalent to 35% of the total contract without prejudice to the claims of all costs incurred by the S.P.R.L. B.BEAM until the moment of rupture. Any deposit paid in advance shall be vested with the SPRL B.BEAM. In any event, the S.P.R.L. B.BEAM reserves the right to require full performance in kind of the contract.

Article 8 – Warranty

The warranty is 1 year for all new appliances.

Article 3 – Quote

The technical and administrative costs of establishing the quote will be charged in case of non-execution of work.

It covers:

  • Workforce.
  • All spare parts except those listed in the "does not cover" below.

Does not cover:

  • Semiconductors (MOSFET, filter, tube and transistor).
  • Wear parts.
  • Failures created by the intervention of another technician that S.P.R.L. B.BEAM.
  • The case of lightning, power surges, abnormal use, excessive temperature and humidity outside the technical specifications of the manufacturer, return excessive power antennas.
  • The second-hand devices sold in the state well known to the buyer.
  • Workforce (departure: Andrimont Belgium) and the travel to take the service or intervention in or out warranty on-site.
  • The loan of equipment during a technical intervention. Loaned equipment during repair or intervention will be rented and used under the sole responsibility of the user.
  •  The transport: the warranty repairs are conducted in the Engineering Laboratory located rue du Progrès 8, ZI Les Plenesses, B-4821 ANDRIMONT. The material will be sent carriage round trip in our laboratories. The customer is responsible for damage to equipment carried and shall assure to the actual value.
  • Customs charges, warehousing, administration and temporary VAT when returning goods.
  • Compensation of dysfunction. Production is carried out according to applicable European Directives 1999/05/EEC - 89/336/EEC - 72/23/ECC, CENELEC and ETSI standards, in any case it cannot be claimed compensation of dysfunction.

Article 9 – Repair / on-site intervention

The repair requiring a transport is made at the Risks and dangers of the customer.
If the customer requires it, has will be paying estimate raised before repair.
An on-site response is made of hand work allocates Andrimont - Belgium A / R. Travel, expenses of life, and costs extra motorway in addition. A sheet delivery will be confirmed at the end of work.

Article 10 – Terms of payment

Bills of the S.P.R.L. B.BEAM are payable in cash, all expenses paid by the customer, unless otherwise agreed and stipulations. Unpaid bills when due shall automatically and without prior notice, late payment interest of 1% per month from the due date calculated on the entire debt due and payable. In addition, it should be an amount equal to 10% of the outstanding balance with a minimum of € 50.00 (EUR) as fixed indemnity.

Article 11 – Retention of title clause

Notwithstanding the express provisions of Article 1583 of the Civil Code, ownership of the goods sold by S.P.R.L. B.BEAM is acquired and transmitted to the buyer until full payment of amounts billed. In case of non-fulfillment of this obligation by the purchaser to the invoice due date, S.P.R.L. B.BEAM recover is based at its earliest convenience goods sold and without prior notice.

Article 12 – Competence

Any dispute between the S.P.R.L. B.BEAM and his client will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the legal district of Verviers whatever amount even when calling warranty multiple defendants or free delivery.
Belgian law is applicable.